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    McDavid Equine Dentistry
and Services, LLC

Call or Message to Schedule

(304) 579 0422 

Justin McDavid, EqDT

Graduate: The American School of Equine Dentistry

Member: E.D.P.A/I.A.E.D


per horse for 6+

per horse for 5 or less

*No Farm Call Fees
*No Minimums Within Daily Service Area
* No Suprise Charges


Power Floating 

Hand Floating 

Performance Floating 

Malocclusion Correction  

Wolf Teeth Removal  

Dental Charting


  • Hedgesville, WV (Ganotown)

    • Ask about our 'You haul to us' pricing

 Service Area

  • Daily serving a 4-hour quad state area of WV, MD, PA and VA from our location in Hedgesville, WV.

  • We travel! For customers outside of our daily service area, please reach out for scheduling details.

When scheduling, provide

  • ​Name and phone number

  • Location & number of equine

  • Month/week you would like to schedule

  • Other helpful information

 Methods of Payment

  • We currently accept cash, check, or Venmo

    • All payment is due at time of service and all checks will be deposited at time of service via mobile app.


Special Interest Items

  • As an Equine Dental Technician, I do not carry nor  administer sedation.​ If your equine requires sedation for  dental services, please let us know prior to scheduling and  reach out to your veterinarian for further instruction.

  • Currently all Virginia clients must have a veterinarian present for a dental float to be performed.

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