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A Wedding Carriage at
Springvale Farm

Wedding Carriage Service

 at Springvale Farm

We are thrilled to announce under our services offered: A wedding carriage at Springvale Farm.

This amazing venue is centered around a brand-new wedding barn that holds true to years past traditional style. And, nothing says tradition like adding the presence of this beautiful horse drawn carriage to your wedding. It is sure to impress and fits just right with the picturesque nature of Springvale Farm.


This can be a grand addition to your wedding made simple through our partnership with Springvale Farm. Just ask about adding our beautiful timeless horse drawn carriage to your wedding, upon your visit at Springvale Farm.


Imagine yourself wowing guests as you make an elegant entrance to your ceremony or spend those intimate first moments as newlyweds making a grand exit to enjoy your first private carriage ride together.


A Wedding Carriage at Springvale specializes in working with you or your event planner to customize timeline details. Please check out our two wedding carriage pricing plans and let us know how we can add to your grand day.

Wedding Carriage Classic Package:        

$600+ 6% WV Sales Tax 

A forty-five-minute carriage booking period: Starting with the grand ceremonial exit of bride and groom from the wedding via our beautiful carriage. 

This plan includes-

  • Grand ceremonial Bride and Groom exit via carriage

  • Bride and Groom's "first moments" private carriage ride

  • Availability for use in post-ceremony wedding party photography 





Click HERE for Terms of Service.

Click HERE to reserve your date and make payment.


Terms of Service

By purchasing a wedding carriage service operated by McDavid Equine Dentistry and Services, LLC you are agreeing to the following: McDavid Equine Dentistry and Services, LLC operates independently of Springvale Farm and carriage services will not be available for all wedding dates scheduled at Springvale Farm. McDavid Equine Dentistry and Services, LLC can operate in rain conditions, but reserves the right to cancel at any point due to inclement weather out of safety for horse, carriage driver and guests. McDavid Equine Dentistry and Services, LLC will notify as soon as possible of any such cancellation. You also agree that McDavid Equine Dentistry and Services, LLC currently operates one horse, carriage and driver. This means, if the horse or driver show signs of injury, sickness or lameness this can result in a cancellation. McDavid Equine Dentistry and Services, LLC will notify the wedding party as soon as possible due to any cancellation for sickness, lameness or an unserviceable carriage. All cancellations made by McDavid Equine Dentistry and Services, LLC will be refunded in full (WV sales tax excluded). Please, have contingency plans in place for your wedding day in the event of a cancellation for the reasons stated above.


Any cancellation (other than within the two-hour inclement weather cancellation window) made by the booking party will result in an eighty percent refund. WV sales tax is not included in a refund. 


There will be a two-hour cancellation window the booking party can utilize for inclement weather. The two-hour window to report a weather-related cancellation will begin six hours prior to contracted carriage start time. Cancellations made for inclement weather within this two-hour period beginning six hours prior to carriage start time will receive a full refund. Cancellations for weather made outside of the two-hour window defined above will receive an eighty percent refund.  WV sales tax is not included in any refund. 

Booking will be confirmed once payment is received in full. Booking is required prior to ninety-days before scheduled wedding date. All bookings made within ninety-days of wedding date will incur an additional scheduling fee of one hundred dollars.

McDavid Equine Dentistry & Services will reach out via phone to the wedding party/wedding planner approximately one month out from date of service to review agreement and additional details. 

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